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My market trip a couple weeks ago was so very different than any of the dozens in the past six years. For one I shopped solo my first day there, then I had my newborn in tow the second. That week marked my first one back at work since having Ridge and to be honest for the first time I wasn't excited about going to buy for the stores. I was enjoying our long days of snuggles at home without interruption other than friends and family stopping by to love on us or bring yummy food! But road trip it to Dallas we did and it really was great. God used the day by myself to remind me that I love this job. That He gave me the creativity and business bent mind to run the store and have fun making some money. And on the second he showed me that He will help me balance being a mom and a business owner. I came home with excitement to get back in the store and confidence that when I need to bring my little guy with me I can juggle it.

I was so excited about some of the spring and summer trends I saw that I thought I would share...

All the druzy stones and thunderbird jewelry...heart eyes for days.

Last year I feel like most people were on the fence about rompers. But let me say you should just come over to the dark side for the summer because they are everywhere! I am especially digging the pant jumpsuits.
I feel like the handkerchief hem is making a come back.

Gingham is transitioning from the fall into spring! In my humble opinion it pairs perfectly with all the lace and crochet that are classic for this time of year.
Of course printed shorts and kimonos for days!

Floral and lace are like my love language and lets just say my love tank will be full for summer.
All the spring stuff is flooding in from UPS and it makes me so happy to share it with you.  See you soon! 

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