Tuesday Tidbit

So some exciting news… we brought a new line of jewelry into the store! That may seem slightly mundane but this isn't just any jewelry. It's not only handmade and totally cool.  It's not just that every time a wear a piece from this girl people are all over it and asking if I have it in the store and where in the world this fabulousness came from. It's that my best friend of 25 years is making it. Y'all, she has been uber talented since forever and she is finally sharing with the world! 

She started selling her pieces on Instagram (@sassandcrafts) a few months ago and the following has been steadily growing as word get out of her unique style. 
 See what I mean? Obsessed…because obviously tassels are another form of fringe!

I convinced her to make some things for the Midland store and she brought them in yesterday! I was so excited that we couldn't help but style a couple things with our new fall styles. And that led to a mini photo session (because, oh yeah, she is also a bomb awesome photographer. See? Talent.) 

I know you are going to want to go stalk all thing Sass and Crafts now so here is all the details to do it:

Her blog is here. She shares a little bit about her inspiration on it!

Her Instagram (@sassandcrafts) sales are every Thursday at 8 CST. If you are unfamiliar how these work it is super simple. The first person to comment their PayPal email gets it. Items are for sale as long as they are unclaimed but you are going to want to set an alarm on your phone so you can be there first to see. Sorry, now you'll be addicted just like me!  

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