Guns or Glitter?

Our amazing friends threw us a gender reveal party a few weeks ago so that we could all find out together what this little rugrat is going to be. It was perfect.  Even if there was no electricity, or water for that matter, because that is what happens when you live in the country on a water well and it storms. 

Overwhelmed and overjoyed by the people in our lives that came, I was struck that this is our village.  These are our people.  These are the ones who will help us raise this child, family and friends alike. They love us and are invested in our growing family. I received texts from lots of them through out the day before saying they couldn't wait to see what "we are having" totally including themselves in the we. I cried over the amount of in my face blessing this showed me.

But enough with the sappy and on to the details this one put into the party that will make you drool and go crazy pinning:

Why yes, those are handwritten invitations. She must love me!

Team Girl VS. Team Boy

Ok I am usually not a game person but I really liked this.  Jaime found tons of old wives tales on how to predict gender, lots of which I had never heard, and had us circle what I had experienced. It was fun to hear which of these people held as true.

For the actual reveal she had my handsome hubby, who is an obsessive hunter if you don't know him, shoot a balloon filled with paint with his bow.  Could it have been any more tailor made for us? I LOVED it! Mostly because he was so into it and so darn excited it about made me cry (notice a pattern?).

So GUNS it is!
(as if there wouldn't have just been pink camo guns instead!)

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