29 before 30 // birthday list

I am so looking forward to this last year in my twenties. I feel a sense of expectancy and excitement, knowing Jesus has big things in store for me. Lots of lessons that I am eager to learn, hopes for big milestones, growing closer to Holy Spirit everyday, and finding new ways to worship + delight in God.  Not to mention lists just make my heart happy. 


1. Get organized
2. Learn calligraphy
3. Go to dinner//movie solo
4. Do 10 pull ups without a band
5. Run the free press half marathon 
6. Make my bed everyday
7. Learn to make a classic cocktail
8. Give away something really expensive
9. Write letters to 5 people who have really impacted my life
10. Find a mentor
11. More random acts of kindness
12. Read (and watch) Gone with the Wind
13. Learn to knit
14. Finish reading the bible through
Start making my own salad dressing
16. Have a backyard movie night
17. Try a few new restaurants in midland
18. Climb Guadalupe Peak
19. Learn to make tamales
20. Plant an herb garden
21. Go glamping
22. Learn to use my SLR camera well
23. Go to a women's conference//retreat
24. Acquire a taste for black coffee
25. Blog more consistently
26. Have an all day movie marathon
27. Learn some Spanish
28. Finish my quilt
Get a new passport stamp

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