29 before 30 // birthday list

I am so looking forward to this last year in my twenties. I feel a sense of expectancy and excitement, knowing Jesus has big things in store for me. Lots of lessons that I am eager to learn, hopes for big milestones, growing closer to Holy Spirit everyday, and finding new ways to worship + delight in God.  Not to mention lists just make my heart happy. 


1. Get organized
2. Learn calligraphy
3. Go to dinner//movie solo
4. Do 10 pull ups without a band
5. Run the free press half marathon 
6. Make my bed everyday
7. Learn to make a classic cocktail
8. Give away something really expensive
9. Write letters to 5 people who have really impacted my life
10. Find a mentor
11. More random acts of kindness
12. Read (and watch) Gone with the Wind
13. Learn to knit
14. Finish reading the bible through
Start making my own salad dressing
16. Have a backyard movie night
17. Try a few new restaurants in midland
18. Climb Guadalupe Peak
19. Learn to make tamales
20. Plant an herb garden
21. Go glamping
22. Learn to use my SLR camera well
23. Go to a women's conference//retreat
24. Acquire a taste for black coffee
25. Blog more consistently
26. Have an all day movie marathon
27. Learn some Spanish
28. Finish my quilt
Get a new passport stamp


28 before 29 list // recap

1. Start a blog

2. Go to a drive in movie
I have the best friends ever. This didn't happen until my birthday party this year when they surprised me by setting up our own private drive in on the shop door.  That will now be a regular occurrence this summer.

3. Buy a strangers dinner 

4. Go skydiving.
Fail.  But not for lack of trying. If it was cancelled 4 times; should I take that as a sign?

5. Learn to play guitar
Well I had one lesson…post wine walk…that ended in me getting the pick stuck in Sutt's guitar.  So needless to stay I still can't play one note!

6. Try Yoga 
Yeah, again pathetic that this didn't happen.

7. Watch the sun rise at least once a month

8. Visit a new place in Texas 
Marfa AND Austin with the same three besties! 

9. Call instead of texting  
Getting slightly better at this. And especially tried to make it a point when it may be difficult conversation.

10. Go roller skating 

11. Go to a concert 
Kenny Chesney in Dallas.

12. Do a fun run
Color Up 5K in Tyler 

Zombie Run
Color Vibe in Midland

13. Carve a pumpkin
Not sure how this never happened this fall, but am sad about it.

14. Study one of the gospels in depth
LOVED diving into John last summer.

15. Do Insanity all the way through.
Fail, twice.

16. Go skiing 
I REALLY wanted this to be water AND snow skiing.  But I did manage to get on the lake a few times last summer.

17. Paint something
Some of my girls from Pink T and I went to Wine & Canvas for our "Yay, we survived Christmas" party. 
So. Fun.
Got to spend a fun afternoon with these two lovelies at The Pottery
18. Throw a huge BBQ
Our 4th of July bash may have ended in a trip to the ER but was super fun while it lasted...

19. Try a new fruit, veggie, and meat
A friend gave me these bitty cumquats to try out of her bountiful basket. So strange but I liked them!
I also found a love for eggplant and salmon this year.

20. Make a quilt
Making progress on this one.  I had no idea the time it takes to make one of these things. A whole new appreciation for grandmas.


21. Spend one on one time with each of my nieces and nephew. 
Sad this didn't really happen.  I need to slow down next year and find a way to kidnap those cuties!

22. Read a classic book 
To Kill a Mockingbird was even better than I remembered from Jr. High.

23. Memorize a Psalm
Shout for joy to The Lord, all the earth.
Worship the Lord with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.
Know that The Lord is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.
Psalm 100 

24. Sew a piece of clothing
I made this high low maxi skirt from this tutorial.  It really was very simple, even for a non sewer like me!
25. Write thank you letters 
Gotta say, not really much better on this one, since I guess it doesn't count that I only bought about one hundred of the cutest Thank You notes. Maybe two got actually put in the mail with writing on them. One day I will be a responsible southern woman. 

26. Go to my high school reunion 
Yep, I got to go with my high school sweetheart who is still the cutest boy in our class. 

27. Go to the airport and buy a ticket
Two of my besties also but this on their lists this year as our crazy, way out there, dream check off. We never got our spontaneous courage up enough to really do it, but one day it will happen. Maybe I should start a 100 before 100 list for it to go on!

28. Write a blessings journal