laughing that we went to Fit Skate last Tuesday night. 

dreaming of bringing siestas to Midland. 

obsessing over all the fringe and floral I ordered at market a couple weeks ago.  

eating outside more nights than not.

planning our booth at Petticoats on the Prairie.  who's coming?

expecting to find amazing "treasures" while junkie this weekend with the bestie. 

brainstorming for a backyard fireplace. 

attempting oil pulling. 

making my birthday list for next year.

trying to check a few more things off my 28 before 29 list before i run out of time.  

feeling the sweet words that were spoken at Create last weekend sink into my soul. 

listening to Ellie Holcomb. 

reading Mark of the Lions by Francine Rivers.  actually, more like devouring.

seeking holiness over happiness 

attending Fit for the Cross on a regular basis and feeling good about those early mornings.

enjoying warmer days, even with the wind.

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  1. So blessed you were at Create. Wishing I was going to your booth at Petticoats on the Prairie. And so happy you are enjoying Mark of the Lions. It is my favorite read.