We had an awkwardly fun Saturday night.  
It was our ten year high school reunion, enough said.  

It really was great to see some old friends, most of whom I have known since we were in elementary.  Some have changed so much, and some never will.  But we had a blast laughing and reminiscing about all the dumb things we used to do.  
This weekend really made me grateful for where we came from.  Hobbs is a small town {some may say ghetto boring} but it was a wonderful place to grow up. There are some amazing people who I learned more from than I can say.
But more than that, I was overwhelmingly thankful for my high school sweetheart.  I love that we got to grow up together and that I am more in love with him in the second picture than the first.  We ended the night walking by the first home we bought together, talking about where we had been.  Here's to ten more!  

{That's right, we were voted cutest couple}


I have a new crush...

Not a man crush, I am still totally in love with the hubby!  But on Crossfit.  Obviously, if this morning grouch is getting up at 6 am to go.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with working out.  I love how it makes me feel, but absolutely hate the during most of the time.  I usually need a good push, or shove, from a friend to get me going. 

I have basically only been running for the last two years and have really enjoyed doing two half marathons but was ready for something new.  There is a local church who does Fit for the Cross for FREE and I thought it was a great way to try out the infamous Crossfit I have heard so much about.  I drug my partner in crime with me and we could barely stand up straight after the first couple classes but it is getting better.  I have only been at it for a few weeks, and I don't know that it will ever be "easy". They change up the work outs everyday, and you sweat A LOT during those 30 minutes. Hopefully I am on the track for only mildly sore, where I can actually function during the rest of the day.  And, maybe one day I will be able to do a pull up without a cheater band!

We also started this 30 day squat challenge at the store last week.  So if you come in and we are squatting away don't laugh!


I had a spirt of crafty.

It was a small one, didn't last too long, but it has been a while since I have been creative at all so it was fun.   

I had some euros left over from our trip through Brussels in January + knew I wanted to make some jewelry with them but just haven't done it.  They have actually been sitting in my car console since we got back + I cleaned them out of my wallet. (that is embarrassing, it's July!) I had originally thought of doing a necklace; my mom has one with a lot of coins on it that she wears the heck out of.  But, once I sat down it was only bracelets that came out.  There are a few left, maybe I will do a necklace eventually.

Here's what I will dream about when I wear them...


Sip + Shop

Last week we had our first Sip + Shop at the store in Midland.  It was a blast.  I mean, wine and shopping sounded like a great girls night to me and apparently lots of my lovely customers agreed! 

These two ladies worked their tails off that night! 
So lucky blessed to have such amazing help at the store.  The Lord was definitely looking out for me when he sent them my way.

We also had Katie from Agave Garden bring some of her beautiful flowers over so we could get an extra burst of summer. 
{If you live in Midland and haven't gone in there, go check her out.  Its by far my favorite nursery in town.  They are so helpful for someone like me who really, really wants to turn her brown thumb green!}
If you missed it, don't worry.  We will be doing another one this fall! 
{maybe a spiked pumpkin type beverage next time?!?}