Colored Chalk Paint

When we were at Holiday Happening in Lubbock a couple weeks ago a booth down the aisle from us was selling chalk paint.  Not just basic black but tons of fabulous colors, packaged in mason jars (as if I wasn't already sold on the colors).  I went down there and perused the 20+ color options every couple hours trying to decide which ones I needed for any projects that may pop up in the next, I don't know, 5 years. And then I found out that this guy and his fianc√© make the stuff. I mean come on, locally made fabulousness, this stuff needs to be in Pink T! So I bought more colors than I needed and continued to be distracted the rest of the day with what I needed to stencil in my house with this chalk paint. I finally decided on the back hallway and was probably a tad too excited when a snow day kept me locked warmly inside my casa a few days later.  

Here is how it ended up:

I'm not quite happy with the styling yet {suggestions for a cool way to hang that vintage map of Paris are welcome} but I am in love with the rust with a pop of navy!

Here is what I did + some tips!

>>> I made my stencil from an unfinished frame that I have had forever + a large piece of cardboard.  Make sure you measure the length of what your stenciling and adjust the size accordingly so you don't end up with half of one at the end.  Mine was actually about an inch shorter on one side since I only did between doors on one side.
>>> Use a laser level, trust this tape measure challenged girl.  These things are relatively cheap and well worth investing in if you haven't yet.
>>> Once the stencil was on the wall I used a smaller brush to outline the edges before filling it in with a larger//regular brush and didn't need to do any touchup, hallelujah! 
>>> Let it dry completely before moving on to the next one in line. For those OCD types like me who need to complete a project in one sitting, get a side something going to pass the watching paint dry time. This paint is thick and only needed one coat so that made it go much faster as well!

Here is a peek of some samples Posh's Chaulk Paint sent to the Midland store.
They come in 3 sizes:
Half Pint $10 // Pint $20 // Quart $30
They also make a paste wax for furniture projects!  

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