This week I have had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the people that the Lord has put in my life, those who are here for the long haul.  Last weekend we had a couple friends from our hometown and their families stay the night with us.  So the hubs naturally wanted to cook out and that grew to having 15 people over for dinner.  But I was tired.  Like the kind of tired where you aren't sure wether or not you can make conversation much less host an impromptu party.  So I told him that was fine, but this one would not be making to HEB or doing any cooking.  (Sadly, neither of these are out of the norm for the last couple months)

Saturday night rolled around and by the time I made it home from the store most everyone was there, all with some kind of food in tow, and busy in my kitchen.  It made my heart happy.  To have those kinds of friends and family that don't expect anything but an unlocked door. They just want to see you because its been too long and if you can't make it to them they will just come to you.   By the end of the night, I had been reenergized.  These friends, most of whom Jared + I can't recall a time when they weren't in one of our lives and others who feel like they have been here all along, poured into my soul.  After being pulled in too many different directions for the last couple months, feeling worn down by the overwhelming pace of life lately, I was overflowing with thankfulness and gratitude for these people.  They have refused to let us drift apart, to let our friendships go by the wayside, written off as a season of life.  These are the ones I need in my life. Ones who are more excited for your triumphs  than you think you deserve.  Ones who will crawl in bed and cry with you during a loss.  Ones who will tell you to get your face straight when it is necessary.  None of us are in the same life stage and for the most part don't live in the same town anymore. But these things don't seem to ever factor in.  We adjust to life, each other, and encourage and love our way through it all. Without a night of laughing until we cried I may have not made it through another long week.  

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"    -Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


Good Junk. Good Friends. Good Times

So a couple weeks ago Abby + I junked our way to Dallas.  And although the normally 5 hour drive took more like 10, talk about a good time.  At some point in my life I will hook up to a trailer, fully embrace my gypsy side, and junk across the south.  Better get in a few more lessons with the hubs on backing a trailer before I take off.

There were lots of hasty U-turns and excitement as we passed through almost every town but we hit the mother load in Baird.  Thank you Naomi for letting us comb through all THREE of your store spaces and giving us an awesome bulk size deal.

We thought we would give you a sneak peek at a few of the projects for the new store in San Angelo we have been working on since we got back...

I am obsessed with these stools.  They almost didn't make it back to the store after I recovered them...
This couch was a bit of a group//family project.  Abby found it, her hubby tore it apart (it had a sleeper bed in it which was very strange and even more heavy for a wicker couch), I painted it, and her fabulous mother-in-law recovered the cushion.  I have a feeling good friends will be made in the store while sitting on this gem!

We found a massive pile of lighting odds and ends.  So we loaded up several boxes of everything we liked and came up with these.
More sneak peeks will be coming soon, before the big store reveal that is right around the corner!