Momentary Obsessions

 An afternoon cup of joe at the store, in my grandma fab floral cup.

 Wine walks with the besties...this counts as exercise right? 
(And yes those are sippy cups, don’t judge!)

This new deer shirt, cause hunting season is in FULL swing at our house y’all.

JalapeƱo jelly...I got this recipe from my mother in law + cannot stop eating it.  On cream cheese with pretzel crisps may be my fav, but I am finding all kinds of delicious ways to use it.


Exciting news...

Big things are happening at Pink Tumbleweed.  Last week we celebrated our 3rd birthday at the Midland store (you may have seen our birthday present to ourselves). 

The Tyler store is rocking right along, my mom and sister have found their groove and I love watching them take ownership and pride in the business they are building.  Getting to experience this with them has been amazing and humbling.  And now...I have gotten the opportunity to open a third storefront with an amazing friend in San Angelo!  That’s the big announcement in case you were wondering-that we are taking over Texas!

I have never, in 5 years of being a business owner, felt this much of an overwhelming presence of the Lord in my work.  I know in all I have done he has been there.  He is the reason for any success I have, period.  Everything is His, and I only have any of this because he chose to bless me with it.  But maybe this time around I am finally getting the concept of leaning on His strength and provision and not fighting to do it on my own.  Cause lets face it, I am in over my head on this thing.  Maybe I am opening my eyes a little wider, or maybe he is choosing to show me his timing and provision in the moment rather than in reflection.  I know it is not anything of my own doing but more of His generosity in showing me.  A couple weeks ago, Abby and I got to talk about how this has been in the works since before we met.  She went to school in Angelo and always said she would love to own a boutique on Concho Street.  When I first opened in Midland people would ask when I would open one in Odessa and my natural response was that I would go to San Angelo next, and picture in my mind this certain block downtown that would be perfect.  (Tyler totally plopped in my lap=Jesus always has better plans//timing than me).   Then about a year later this cute girl with fringe boots (that just may have gotten her the job) walked in and applied at the store.  Talk about a God send.  She was exactly what I needed.  When her husband got transferred back to Angelo it was bitter sweet for both of us.  I cried about her not working in the store and so did she so what better solution than to start our website for her to run?  Again, God was providing by moving us in the direction of business partners, not just employer//employee.   Over the next year this was always a thought, a suggestion, a dream but each time we tried to move forward there was a roadblock.  And I am glad there was.  We have found the perfect space (on Concho Street) at the right time of year to open.  So we, especially Abby, are working our tails off to open the middle of October!

To say that this new adventure is overwhelming is a massive understatement but I have been praying over it for almost exactly a year and now He has said go, so we are going.  This is not the baby I thought I was going to be having in October but there have been lessons and growth in even that and I am choosing to be grateful for them.  I am excited about a new journey, but also tired from the others I am still traveling.  But everywhere I turn there have been reminders to trust in God because I cannot do this in my own strength, my own knowledge, and lets be honest, my own stubbornness.  And the best part is that He does not want me to.  He cares so deeply for my daily routine, my businesses.  Holy Spirit has whispered this truth into my heart countless times in the last month. 
He made me with an entrepreneur spirit because He has plans for me in that.  And that has to be my focus and purpose in these stores.  How am I going to glorify Him in it?  How can His kingdom be furthered in this?  While I don’t know his overall plan and reasons for giving me these businesses I know he has one, and it is always going to be bigger than what I could have imagined.  Isn’t it wonderful to serve a God who always has more for us than we even know we want?  He has taken what I saw as an overwhelming, massive dream and literally triple it for me?  What else is there to say but 
"Thank you Jesus".