We had an awkwardly fun Saturday night.  
It was our ten year high school reunion, enough said.  

It really was great to see some old friends, most of whom I have known since we were in elementary.  Some have changed so much, and some never will.  But we had a blast laughing and reminiscing about all the dumb things we used to do.  
This weekend really made me grateful for where we came from.  Hobbs is a small town {some may say ghetto boring} but it was a wonderful place to grow up. There are some amazing people who I learned more from than I can say.
But more than that, I was overwhelmingly thankful for my high school sweetheart.  I love that we got to grow up together and that I am more in love with him in the second picture than the first.  We ended the night walking by the first home we bought together, talking about where we had been.  Here's to ten more!  

{That's right, we were voted cutest couple}

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