I have a new crush...

Not a man crush, I am still totally in love with the hubby!  But on Crossfit.  Obviously, if this morning grouch is getting up at 6 am to go.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with working out.  I love how it makes me feel, but absolutely hate the during most of the time.  I usually need a good push, or shove, from a friend to get me going. 

I have basically only been running for the last two years and have really enjoyed doing two half marathons but was ready for something new.  There is a local church who does Fit for the Cross for FREE and I thought it was a great way to try out the infamous Crossfit I have heard so much about.  I drug my partner in crime with me and we could barely stand up straight after the first couple classes but it is getting better.  I have only been at it for a few weeks, and I don't know that it will ever be "easy". They change up the work outs everyday, and you sweat A LOT during those 30 minutes. Hopefully I am on the track for only mildly sore, where I can actually function during the rest of the day.  And, maybe one day I will be able to do a pull up without a cheater band!

We also started this 30 day squat challenge at the store last week.  So if you come in and we are squatting away don't laugh!

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