28 before 29

inspired by my bestie alison, last year i made a list of 27 things i wanted to do before i turned 28.  and to be honest, although i did check a several things off, that list was mostly a fail.  so i pretty much threw in the towel a few weeks ago and started looking forward to the big 2-8 and what i want to accomplish during this chapter of life.  i gotta say, i'm feeling more confident in this year.  besides, who doesn't love a good list?  

So this morning, armed with a massive cup of birthday cake flavored coffee (thank you sutton) i finalized my 28 before 29.

here it is (in no particular order)....

1. Go skydiving
2. Go to a drive in movie
3. Do Insanity all the way through 
4. Start a blog (yep, already checking them off!)
5. Learn to play guitar
6. Try Yoga 
7. Watch the sun rise at least once a month
8. Visit a new place in Texas 
9. Call instead of texting
10. Go roller skating 
11. Go to a concert 
12. Do a fun run
13. Carve a pumpkin
14. Study one of the gospels in depth
15. Buy a strangers dinner 
16. Go skiing 
17. Paint something 
18. Throw a huge BBQ 
19. Try a new fruit + veggie
20. Make a quilt 
21. Spend one on one time with each of my nieces and nephew 
22. Read a classic book 
23. Memorize a Psalm
24. Sew a piece of clothing
25. Write thank you letters 
26. Go to my high school reunion 
27. Go to the airport and buy a ticket
28. Write a blessings journal 

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