We had a redneck All-American kind of Memorial Day weekend!  My hubby's birthday was Friday and he wanted to take some friends with us to his parents place in North Texas to celebrate. All that was on the agenda was fishing.  

It started off a little shaky when our 5 hour road trip turned into 8 after standstill traffic on I20, but we did a little off roading and finally made it! And it was just the kind of long weekend we all needed to kick off our summer.

There was fishing with guns in the creek 
that runs on back end of my in laws property:

There was fighting a cow for our coozie + making 
our own backpack coolers:

There was striper fishing on Lake Texoma: 

There was sitting on the patio enjoying the rain:

But mostly there was just relaxing + enjoying this amazing man I get the honor of calling my husband on his birthday weekend!


It is summer + I am celebrating

Anxiously awaiting when we can pick fresh veggies from the garden.  Hopefully it won't be too long...spied some babies on the vines last night!

Excited about more of, eating + spending every evening outside with the hubs, friends + a margarita in hand.

Going to need to do some more running with this one
{see previous pics of nothing but food}

All mornings will be spent out here with nothing but 
my bible, french press, + Ladybug for company.

Bring on the heat Lord, I am ready!


Don't be like the rest of them, darling.

I came across this quote the other day on Pintrest and it has stuck with me so I threw it up on the chalkboard at the store. Then I got to thinking that it pretty well describes what my philosophy on dressing has evolved into the last couple years. I have not always been confident in clothes and putting together outfits but when I opened my first store four years ago, that turned into a sink or swim kind of skill! (I always thought I wanted a home and gift store instead of clothing)
Looking back on my high school days, I am sad that I didn't take many risks or step out of the box more.  But we lived in a small town with hardly any shopping options. And, just like any other teen ,I wanted to be exactly like my friends so I probably wouldn't have done much different anyway.                          
So live and learn I guess, and now everyday I try to add some unexpected detail to my accessory, an added layer, a color combo that is out there, just something!  Lots of days I am running too late to think too much about it but that can make it easier.  I just grab it + throw it on as I run out the door and it is what it is for the day.  I mean if I look silly it is only for a max of about 15 hours, right?  And in the grand scheme of it all, what does that really matter?  My hubby likes to say that lots of times people only give compliments because they got caught staring and  be they know their comment shouldn't be rude. But that is fine with me, I will take what I can get!  And if I loved it I will wear it again, even if I did get some strange looks! 
Remember those leather belts with names on the back that cute old cowboys used to wear?  I am semi obsessed with this one that a bestie found for me at thrift store. It says Jerry (our nickname for my hubs!) I am pretty certain it is child sized but it makes me smile to wear it, even if it doesn't fit over the hips!

 Headbands always help with
second day(or lets be honest,
third day) hair!

This is what I mean by weird
color combos! Lots of times
I look as though I got dressed
in the dark but it seems to
work most of the time. Throw
on some bracelets, and then add
one more for good measure.

I am loving this new outfit
I treated myself to last weekend.
Comfy + a little weird is a winner


28 before 29

inspired by my bestie alison, last year i made a list of 27 things i wanted to do before i turned 28.  and to be honest, although i did check a several things off, that list was mostly a fail.  so i pretty much threw in the towel a few weeks ago and started looking forward to the big 2-8 and what i want to accomplish during this chapter of life.  i gotta say, i'm feeling more confident in this year.  besides, who doesn't love a good list?  

So this morning, armed with a massive cup of birthday cake flavored coffee (thank you sutton) i finalized my 28 before 29.

here it is (in no particular order)....

1. Go skydiving
2. Go to a drive in movie
3. Do Insanity all the way through 
4. Start a blog (yep, already checking them off!)
5. Learn to play guitar
6. Try Yoga 
7. Watch the sun rise at least once a month
8. Visit a new place in Texas 
9. Call instead of texting
10. Go roller skating 
11. Go to a concert 
12. Do a fun run
13. Carve a pumpkin
14. Study one of the gospels in depth
15. Buy a strangers dinner 
16. Go skiing 
17. Paint something 
18. Throw a huge BBQ 
19. Try a new fruit + veggie
20. Make a quilt 
21. Spend one on one time with each of my nieces and nephew 
22. Read a classic book 
23. Memorize a Psalm
24. Sew a piece of clothing
25. Write thank you letters 
26. Go to my high school reunion 
27. Go to the airport and buy a ticket
28. Write a blessings journal