Sometime in the last 30 days my sweet baby ingested a spore of botulism bacteria that is found in dust and that bacteria produced a toxin that interfered with his muscles and nerves.  He seemed himself on Monday morning but didn't nap so I thought his sleepy afternoon was him just catching up. He didn't eat super great that evening but we thought his tummy hurt because he'd been constipated. We now know that was the first symptom. On Tuesday morning he woke up with a strange, wimpery cry I'd never heard before. I tried to nurse him several times but he was not interested so I called my pediatrician to get some relief for his tummy. After no success and he was still getting worse we called back and went back in to the doctor. She sent us to the hospital for some fluids since Ridge was getting dehydrated. After several hours of him getting progressively worse the doctor finally came in and immediately things got even scarier. Not only was he severely dehydrated but he was having serious trouble breathing and was basically paralyzed. The next several hours were a whirlwind of putting Ridge on the ventilator, trying to get some fluids in him and being airlifted to Lubbock.

Nobody knows how these spores get in the air from the soil or why one baby is susceptible over another. There are only about 100 cases a year so many physicians have never even seen it. We were very fortunate that the doctor who saw him as soon as we arrived in Lubbock had actually treated several and had this on his radar just from the reports from Midland.  When we arrived Ridge's lines were not where they should have been so he was not getting the sedation he normally would have. Once they saw that he was still paralyzed without sedation they were even more suspicious. I believe this "mistake" was actually God helping us get a quicker diagnosis. After a spinal tap, head CT, multiple blood tests, and an EEG the doctors got in contact with the Center for Infant Botulism in California. They looked at his tests and agreed it was probably what was going on. They sent the antitoxin named BabyBIG and we had it in by 2:00 Thursday afternoon! This drug stopped the botulism toxin from causing any further nerve damage, probably cutting our recovery time in half. Now we are waiting on our little guy to get stronger, for his body to repair all the nerve and muscle damage. He is still on the ventilator to help his breathing and will be for a while longer. After that we will need lots of therapy to help him learn to suck, swallow, and eat again and for his muscles to get stronger.  But we are seeing progress everyday so far. It may be only a little but he's moving in the right direction. 

Not going to lie, yesterday was really hard. My first Mothers Day I couldn't snuggle my baby. He opened his eyes for us, but they didn't have his sparkle in them. He looked sad and sick and it broke my heart that there was nothing I could do to help. I am truly grateful that he will fully recover no matter how long it may take. I'm trying to keep that in perspective and rely on the strength God is putting in me. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming outpour of love and prayers this past week. God is hearing our cries and healing our son. We are fully aware that we almost lost this baby we have longed to have for years and it isn't lost on us that God is the ultimate healer. He is guiding our doctors and nurses with wisdom to care for Ridge in the best way possible.


Trends We Love

My market trip a couple weeks ago was so very different than any of the dozens in the past six years. For one I shopped solo my first day there, then I had my newborn in tow the second. That week marked my first one back at work since having Ridge and to be honest for the first time I wasn't excited about going to buy for the stores. I was enjoying our long days of snuggles at home without interruption other than friends and family stopping by to love on us or bring yummy food! But road trip it to Dallas we did and it really was great. God used the day by myself to remind me that I love this job. That He gave me the creativity and business bent mind to run the store and have fun making some money. And on the second he showed me that He will help me balance being a mom and a business owner. I came home with excitement to get back in the store and confidence that when I need to bring my little guy with me I can juggle it.

I was so excited about some of the spring and summer trends I saw that I thought I would share...

All the druzy stones and thunderbird jewelry...heart eyes for days.

Last year I feel like most people were on the fence about rompers. But let me say you should just come over to the dark side for the summer because they are everywhere! I am especially digging the pant jumpsuits.
I feel like the handkerchief hem is making a come back.

Gingham is transitioning from the fall into spring! In my humble opinion it pairs perfectly with all the lace and crochet that are classic for this time of year.
Of course printed shorts and kimonos for days!

Floral and lace are like my love language and lets just say my love tank will be full for summer.
All the spring stuff is flooding in from UPS and it makes me so happy to share it with you.  See you soon! 



cherishing every smile on this boy's face.

attempting a new diet plan next week. 

excited to be back in the store. 

meditating on the enormity of Christ's sacrifice for me. 

trying to juggle this mommy gig with going back to work more. 

loving the warmer weather. 

feeling overwhelmed, but not necessarily in a bad way. 

giving my lunch money to 41 Day.

wanting to check a few more items off my birthday list in this last month of my twenties. 

missing my bestie that just moved. 

listening to Love & Theft, which makes me want a night out dancing with my hubby. 

reading magazines over actual books.

waiting for all the lovely spring and summer things I just ordered at market to come out in. 

attending church again. 


Bittersweet Transitions

For the last year or so we have been contemplating closing our Tyler Pink Tumbleweed location and I am sad to say that it has finally become time to make that move. 

This year is going to bring about so many changes I sometimes feel slightly overwhelmed by them all. Some of them are exciting answers to years of prayer + waiting, some of them are necessities, and some are simply the end of a season and God closing the door on them. This decision to close our Tyler  location in a combination of the last two of these and is oh so bittersweet.

The last three years of working with my mom and sister on this store has been an amazing adventure. I think we have all learned a lot: about ourselves, each other, and our family. But there are seasons for everything so we must adjust and move to our next chapters. My dad retired this last year, excitingly earlier than we had all thought, so without the store my parents will get to really enjoy this time. I am so happy they will get to travel (especially to Midland to spoil this new grand baby) and really dive into their church and community full time. Natalie will have one less thing to juggle with her so full life of being mommy to two, a new home, and full time nursing job. And I will be able to focus more on growing the other two stores and of course figure out the whole mom thing this coming year. All of this plus the more practical side of things, like leases and such, means that by the end of January our doors in Tyler will be closed. 

We will be sad to not see our lovely customers + employees on such a regular basis but we know it is time. The Lord has plainly told us all that this is His best for us so we are choosing to listen. On the bright side…that means our entire inventory is going on major sale. So stop by and grab your bargain! 

Thank you all for your support in our adventure the last three years.

Love, Allison, Kathy, + Natalie 


joy in 2015

Last year I joined the trend of picking a work of the year rather than setting New Year's resolutions that, lets be honest, I would be breaking one week in just like everyone else. It ended up being a theme, and not one that I had necessarily intended. 2014's word was "aware". I began praying about it in December and when God put that seemingly random word on my heart I thought he was telling me that I needed to quit being so self centered. That I needed to look outside of myself and serve those around me, be aware of others and look for opportunities to love them. I was in a not great place, focusing on the fact that I didn't have a 2 month old baby like I had expected and that we were struggling to become pregnant again. To be really honest I knew that was the word God had given me but I didn't want it. I was wallowing. Not ready to give my sorrows over completely. But God knew what he was doing, as always, and didn't let me change it. As the months went on, without realizing it at first, I did become aware.  Not of the world around me but of my god around me. Of Him completely engulfing me in his love, of his patience with my stubbornness, of his grace to forgive me for taking matters in my own hands and not trusting. Aware of the enemy and his desire to attack me (lets just say that was not a pleasant realization but an utterly necessary one). Aware of his word, that it really is powerful, that He speaks to me through it. Aware of the relationships He has given me to encourage and challenge me to seek his way over my own. Aware of his greatness, that He truly has the details and timing all worked out and it is better than my planning could ever be. But isn't that our Father's way? Why must I first assume He is correcting me, when He is in reality loving me so deeply and calling to me to rest in that love?
So a couple months ago several friends and I decided to start praying for our word for next year. And Holy Spirit started almost immediately to show me a theme: JOY! Not happiness, but true joy. The kind that is only found in Christ, in our relationship and dependance on him. Joy that cannot be shaken by circumstances, this is what I am seeking in 2015. I am excited to see not only what He has to teach me this year, but for the peace that will come in the learning.



attempting to get all my Christmas decorations up.

dreaming all kinds of random things…these hormones.

brainstorming on a middle name for our little man.

eating too much.

drinking lots of Kelly's homemade hot chocolate mix.

planning all kinds of fabulous for this year's cookie swap.  

trying to get some names crossed off my Christmas shopping list.  Why do I wait so late every year?

loving our new Pink T logo

feeling overwhelmingly blessed.  

wanting the excess Jesus has given me to overflow into others.

listening to anything but Christmas music.  Does that make me a Scrooge? 

reading Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick

waiting patiently for my baby shower.

seeking quiet time by myself.

making baby boy's bedding! 

attending some prenatal yoga.  It is lovely.


It is fall, right?

I'm not sure how this month snuck up on me and is now almost over. Although September in West Texas doesn't necessarily mean it is getting any cooler it does mean that my hubby is off in the woods hunting for weeks on end. So that means I bust out all my fall decor and dive into my favorite season. I changed it up a little this year and went kind of simple. No orange and red garlands everywhere or elaborate place settings on the table. Just lots of pumpkins and antlers {or more antlers I should say}.  

I think my favorite spot this autumn is going to be my front porch. I have been spending almost every rainy morning the last week here reading and drinking lots of decaf coffee. By the way, if you haven't ready Crash the Chatterbox grab a copy ASAP!